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  • Deposits

    When I did sessions years ago there was no need to ask for a deposit. The men made an appointment and kept it. Unfortunately things change and it is pretty much silly IMO to invest money on travel and then have your trip financially ruined due to last minute cancellations and/or no shows.

    From the perspective of the man making an appointment, I can understand he not wanting to advance money to certain women. A session girl new to the scene, with no reputation for trustworthiness following her probably should not ask for deposits her first time around. Reputation is everything....

    But not necessarily. On occasion here lately I have forgone the deposit because I have sessioned with the man before or he came with a referral. Well guess what. They last minute cancel too.
    I understand things 'come up', but the woman sitting in a hotel room waiting for you to show losing money because of it should be compensated. So that's where the deposit comes in.

    My policy is to return the deposit should I be able to fill the spot.

    Some of the gentlemen that send a deposit and then unfortunately have to cancel gladly state to 'please keep the deposit'. I have had gentlemen not sending a deposit have to cancel and offer to send one anyway, to compensate for lost time. Notice I use the word gentlemen in these two instances.
    I have had men last minute cancel with no apology whatsoever and these are the ones that started all this nonsense. Very nice indeed.
    In any case I think a deposit is not unreasonable to ask for. My policy when setting up the session is as follows:

    "I 'prefer' a deposit via PayPal of 100 to secure your appointment. In this case the appt is confirmed immediately. I understand some people prefer not to or cannot send a deposit. In this case the appointment may be 'penciled in'. Unconfirmed appts can possibly be bumped by someone willing to secure his appointment with a deposit.
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    I think deposits are completely in bounds and I think the ladies should have no qualms asking for one, as long as they're willing to return that respectful courtesy with the same. I once cancelled and was very apologetic about it, but the session girl still bitched me out for cancelling AND kept the deposit. That was out of line.


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      Deposits are totally normal. Thing is I understand also the apprehension (was burned of deposit)


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        Just good business to take a deposit. I have zero problem providing one.


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          Yes you are right winger. Same here. But i have to be honest. I only pay a deposit if the Girl has good reviews in the Net.
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            As much as I dislike "Saradas" because of it's file sharing, it does provide decent reviews