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    wrestling_total_nude_dominance.mp4_000530764.jpg emery_musclepussy.mp4_000006556.jpg

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    FEMALEMUSCLEMOVIES.COM Updates for 3/6/2015

    Colette oiling and pumping backstage
    FBB backstage competition action...oiling up and pumping before hitting the stage. RUN TIME 2:02

    Girls night out

    Sexy musclegirls getting ready to go out on the town...admiring each other's outfits and muscles in the mirror. RUN TIME 4:54

    Dr. Musclelust III
    Dr. Musclelust strikes again. The pervy therapist has her client in for a talk about how to deal with being a muscular female in this narrow minded society. To help her client get to the root of the problem, Dr. Musclelust uses techniques to induce a trance. While the client Ashlee is under, the Dr. takes her time feeling her up, exposing her breasts and licking and fondling her RUN TIME 14:11

    Miss Scarlet's growth serum

    Addie is hanging out with her boyfriend looking for a trainer online; she comes across personal trainer Miss Scarlet so she decides to give her a call. Addie and her boyfriend go to Miss Scarlet's studio, where Scarlet gives Addie a consultation. The consultation is a short test of Addie's strength and willingness to develop muscles...Addie's boyfriend really likes muscular women so she will do anything to please him. Addie sees Miss Scarlet in person and is amazed by her size...they work out together, doing bicep curls. Miss Scarlet uses the 50's and Addie gets up to the 15's. They do muscle comparisons and talk back and forth about getting big and pumped and how cool it is to be big. Miss Scarlet senses Addie's enthusiasm so she decides to help her willing new client along with some special growth serum. Scarlet injects Addie with the serum and she feels the growth results immediately! #growth fetish #muscle worship #body part comparison #biceps #flexing #weightlifting female #transformation fantasies RUN TIME 16:35


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      Musclemommy sucks his testosterone RUN TIME 19:09

      Musclemommy is at it again playing perverted games with her son. Musclemommy has her son, Kevin spot her for a set of 185# incline presses. She has the idea that she needs some more testosterone to get even stronger so she sucks on her Kevin'cock. Each time she sucks she gets stronger....she does 50# dumbell curls easily and pumps up repeatedly as the takes his cock in her mouth between sets. She requests that Kevin stroke off for her while he watches her pump and flex. He obliges, stroking himself to a big cum mess as he watches and listens to musclemommy's encouragement. #muscular women #muscle worship # blowjobs #masturbation instruction #biceps #cougar #taboo #older woman/younger man #flexing #mommas boy

      FootLicker RUN TIME 5:06

      Muscular shapely legs and ass....hard cut feet; Jen is foot worshiped by a footlicker boy. Muscular sexy women with tired sweaty feet need their own private licking boy at their service.

      Chest Workout Blowjob RUN TIME 9:12

      Annie is in the gym pumping up her chest as she moves to the last exercise, incline press, she is looking up at you with a playful gaze as if to say, 'come into the locker room with me I have something for you'...indeed she does because as you were just watching her from above doing a set of chest presses, you are now watching while she is on her knees giving you a blowjob

      Sweaty Hardcore Wrestling RUN TIME 9:20

      outdoor match...great light and action! Annie and her guy are at it again; they love a good hard tussle on the mats and here they are going at each other hard. This hard and breathless match lasts for over 9 minutes straight with no breaks; constant scissorholds, grapevines, headlocks, etc. Annie grabs his cock through his shorts...taunts him with a few playful bites and face licks...he gets a little tit licking in and then the real and hard action continues....she gets him in an awesome headscissors/lower body lift. See the GIF...she has his legs suspended in mid air while she has his head locked between her thighs! The match needs to stop abruptly after 9:30 minutes because of an injury.....


      • #4 Update March 27, 2015
        Calf Raise Musclefuck / Cheyenne and Reign Wrestle / Erotic Dream / Sammie and Annie compare

        Erotic Dream RUN TIME 17:32
        Annie has hot little pornstar Sammie Spades over to her place for a muscle comparison session....when Annie went to sleep that night, she started having all kinds of fantasy dreams about her. Muscle worship, tit licking and fondling; her dream included having a cock and masturbating over the little fuckdoll Sammie.

        Calf Raise Musclefuck RUN TIME 11:18
        After a little leg and calf flexing for her sex boy, Annie rides his cock while doing calf raises off the edge of the steps. Shot mostly wide angle with some closeups on flexing, blowjob and cum shot.

        Cheyenne and Reign Wrestle RUN TIME 5:34
        These two girls tussle pretty aggressively on the bed...very close to the same size but totally different bodytypes...she who wins this match!

        Sammie and Annie compare RUN TIME 4:07
        pornstar Sammie Spades was at the house and she was so in awe of Annie's muscles that they decided to have a little fun muscle comparison. Annie comments on how she looks like a little babydollcompared to her...Sammie comments on how bulging and huge Annie is in comparison to herself. Sammie is totally blown away has she feels Annie's biceps, legs and calves....they compare side by sideand Sammy looks tiny and puny compared to Annie's massiveness.


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 Update April 9, 2015
          Unreal Deal: Rapture v. Annie / Stalker / Pec Worship: Muscular Girlfriend Experience / Maryse: Hard Shower.


          Unreal Deal: Rapture v. Annie UNEDITED / RUN TIME: 5:07
          So big muscular Annie and Amazon Goddess Rapture get into a NUDE tussle. About 30 seconds into the match Annie realizes she is in DEEP SHIT with skilled Jiu Jitsu artist Rapture. Annie's lack of skill makes it look like a catfight and Rapture uses her own strength and refined skills to totally overwhelm Annie in this mis-match. At least 3 submissions via Rapture lead to Annie calling the match because her jaw is knocked out of place and at the end Annie proclaims that Rapture is the "Unreal Deal"...see for yourself!! **United video footage including mishaps and rigging fuckups**

          Stalker / RUN TIME: 12:11
          'Stalker' starring Jennifer Scarpetta. Jennifer administers a punishment to a stalker who's following her around the hotel; she seems as if she does not notice him but we know better than that....Watch him get what he deserves. This video is

          Pec Worship: Muscular Girlfriend Experience / RUN TIME 14:54

          Annie is in the bathroom fixing her hair in the mirror....she calls her boyfriend in to help flat iron her hair. So while he is busy being her hairdresser she takes the time to admire herself in the mirror. Flexing and pec bouncing while he pampers her. She says that it is turning her on to look at her own muscles and of course it is turning him on as well. He kisses and licks her nipples and as one thing leads to another she is on her knees sucking his cock. He decides to get some lube and stroke himself because she is distracted by her own flexing in the mirror.

          Maryse: Hard Shower. / RUN TIME: 2:44

          Massively ripped and soaking wet in the shower, Maryse invites youto peek in on her as she showers her magnificent body. This video is


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   Update April 17, 2015
            Wrestling and Total Nude Dominance / Lift and Carry session with Annie / Hot Twister part 2 / Ass Worship Face Sitting and Smothering session

            wrestling and total nude dominance
            Annie has her slave in for some wrestling, tussling and taunting physical domination. She starts out with some wrestling and administers headlocks and grapevines....she rips off her shirt and turns it into a nipple biting, pinching and cock scissorhold torture session where she squashes his cock in her strong leg grip. More physical dominance and trash talk is followed by Annie doing a Hand Over Mouth smother to the poor male. #scissorholds #nipple torture #nipple biting #HOM #Hand over Mouth #muscle domination #wrestling #shirt ripping #clothes destruction RUN TIME 10:18

            Lift and Carry session with Annie
            Annie has a session regular in for a Lift and Carry session. She scoops him up in a cradle carry, then make him worship her muscles. After the cradle she does a piggy back and a firemans carry. At the end she decides to use him for donkey calf raises so she can pump up her already huge calves. RUN TIME: 7:30

            Hot Twister part 2
            Hot porn star Becca Diamond and and big Musclefoxx Jenny play a naked game of Twister. Tits, ass and pussy everywhere! RUN TIME 6:52

            Ass Worship Face Sitting and Smothering session
            Annie has a guy over that is into several fetishes; muscle worship, ass worship and face sitting being just a few of them. Annie indulges his fantasies in a big way, first by bending over and ordering him to get in her ass crack and sniff...then by laying him down and sitting her full 170lb weight directly on his nose and mouth and finally by grinding herself into an orgasm by using his face as a humping post. #muscular women #ass worship #ass fetish #face sitting #smother #hand over mouth RUN TIME: 8:58


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              Mz. Devious as a Schoolgirl Giantess on:
              #fmg #muscular women #giantess #shirt ripping

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                Junell Robinson as FemBot!!!


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                  Smoking Female Bodybuilder
                  Muscular girl, Shawna smokes a cigarette
                  RUN TIME: 2:28

                  Maryse Hard Shower
                  Rock hard Maryse in the shower!
                  RUN TIME: 1:56

                  Lift and Carry with Eric
                  Annie lifts Eric: Fireman Carry, Cradle Carry, Piggy Back (with squats) and more.
                  RUN TIME: 4:00

                  Jasmine Experimental Wrestling
                  Impromptu video with Annie explaining the whole "session wrestling" thing to Jasmine; a new girl on the scene. Grapevine, scissors and takedowns. Jasmine displays powerful scissors on Annie and a man too!
                  RUN TIME: 10:03


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                    Sexy Flexing in the shower with Marina.....