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  • Christine Roth

    These pix are from my 2004 Webcam show. Christine was one of a kind. I met her in 2001 at the Womens Strength Extravaganza. I was sitting in the lobby on the evening before prejudging. Kenny Kassell came up to me and said, "Hey, I want you to meet someone. This is Christine Roth. She is doing figure in tomorrows show" So she sits down and we are chatting. Really cool girl. She says that she is super hungry and wants to order some food. I said, "OK, I'll buy you something." I'm thinking she wants steamed rice or something. She says "I want a double order of french fries" The food comes and she scarfs it down in about 10 seconds. But she looked great onstage!
    Christine Roth Christine Roth Christine Roth

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    she is so beuatifull I wonder what happen to her where is she now?


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      Yes Christine is one the most beautiful fbb.