FemaleMuscleMovies.com Update January 21, 2016
Smoking Female Bodybuilder/ Maryse Hard Shower / Lift and Carry with Eric / Jasmine Experimental Wrestling

Smoking Female Bodybuilder
Muscular girl, Shawna smokes a cigarette
RUN TIME: 2:28

Maryse Hard Shower
Rock hard Maryse in the shower!
RUN TIME: 1:56

Lift and Carry with Eric
Annie lifts Eric: Fireman Carry, Cradle Carry, Piggy Back (with squats) and more.
RUN TIME: 4:00

Jasmine Experimental Wrestling
Impromptu video with Annie explaining the whole "session wrestling" thing to Jasmine; a new girl on the scene. Grapevine, scissors and takedowns. Jasmine displays powerful scissors on Annie and a man too!
RUN TIME: 10:03