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forced workout domination
Annie has cute little Cheyenne over for a backyard workout. Cheyenne wants to be big, but just does not have the mental toughness to pick up the big weights and lift them. Annie is very verbally dominant and aggressive with poor little Cheyenne and forces some muscle worship as punishment for not being able to lift the weight. RUN TIME: 7:00

Schoolgirl Giantess

'Mz Devious' stars as a bullied schoolgirl. She is teased by her classmates for being weak and puny. But she gets her revenge by a power that makes her muscles grow! She gets too big for her shirt and breaks out of it. Her growth does not stop there as she becomes a 100 foot giantess and crushes the school! RUN TIME: 8:25

Musclemommy jerk off
Musclemommy is at home lounging on the bed when she hears someone in the house....she calls out to her son to come into the room. She says 'close the door and come give mommy a massage'. He comes in and massages her muscles....after a while he starts playing with himself through the pocket of his pants. She tells him to take his pants down and show mommy what he has in there. He rubs his cock on her leg and she then invites him to lay on the bed for a nice handjob from mommy. > muscle worship, masturbation instruction, older woman/younger man, taboo RUN TIME 15:41


a 15 minute movie starring June Robinson as a mechanized pleasure robot! But the operator is in for a big surprise! Complete story! RUN TIME 15:18