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Wrestling and Total Nude Dominance / Lift and Carry session with Annie / Hot Twister part 2 / Ass Worship Face Sitting and Smothering session

wrestling and total nude dominance
Annie has her slave in for some wrestling, tussling and taunting physical domination. She starts out with some wrestling and administers headlocks and grapevines....she rips off her shirt and turns it into a nipple biting, pinching and cock scissorhold torture session where she squashes his cock in her strong leg grip. More physical dominance and trash talk is followed by Annie doing a Hand Over Mouth smother to the poor male. #scissorholds #nipple torture #nipple biting #HOM #Hand over Mouth #muscle domination #wrestling #shirt ripping #clothes destruction RUN TIME 10:18

Lift and Carry session with Annie
Annie has a session regular in for a Lift and Carry session. She scoops him up in a cradle carry, then make him worship her muscles. After the cradle she does a piggy back and a firemans carry. At the end she decides to use him for donkey calf raises so she can pump up her already huge calves. RUN TIME: 7:30

Hot Twister part 2
Hot porn star Becca Diamond and and big Musclefoxx Jenny play a naked game of Twister. Tits, ass and pussy everywhere! RUN TIME 6:52

Ass Worship Face Sitting and Smothering session
Annie has a guy over that is into several fetishes; muscle worship, ass worship and face sitting being just a few of them. Annie indulges his fantasies in a big way, first by bending over and ordering him to get in her ass crack and sniff...then by laying him down and sitting her full 170lb weight directly on his nose and mouth and finally by grinding herself into an orgasm by using his face as a humping post. #muscular women #ass worship #ass fetish #face sitting #smother #hand over mouth RUN TIME: 8:58