FemaleMuscleMovies.com Update April 9, 2015
Unreal Deal: Rapture v. Annie / Stalker / Pec Worship: Muscular Girlfriend Experience / Maryse: Hard Shower.


Unreal Deal: Rapture v. Annie UNEDITED / RUN TIME: 5:07
So big muscular Annie and Amazon Goddess Rapture get into a NUDE tussle. About 30 seconds into the match Annie realizes she is in DEEP SHIT with skilled Jiu Jitsu artist Rapture. Annie's lack of skill makes it look like a catfight and Rapture uses her own strength and refined skills to totally overwhelm Annie in this mis-match. At least 3 submissions via Rapture lead to Annie calling the match because her jaw is knocked out of place and at the end Annie proclaims that Rapture is the "Unreal Deal"...see for yourself!! **United video footage including mishaps and rigging fuckups**

Stalker / RUN TIME: 12:11
'Stalker' starring Jennifer Scarpetta. Jennifer administers a punishment to a stalker who's following her around the hotel; she seems as if she does not notice him but we know better than that....Watch him get what he deserves. This video is onMuscleAngels.com

Pec Worship: Muscular Girlfriend Experience / RUN TIME 14:54

Annie is in the bathroom fixing her hair in the mirror....she calls her boyfriend in to help flat iron her hair. So while he is busy being her hairdresser she takes the time to admire herself in the mirror. Flexing and pec bouncing while he pampers her. She says that it is turning her on to look at her own muscles and of course it is turning him on as well. He kisses and licks her nipples and as one thing leads to another she is on her knees sucking his cock. He decides to get some lube and stroke himself because she is distracted by her own flexing in the mirror.

Maryse: Hard Shower. / RUN TIME: 2:44

Massively ripped and soaking wet in the shower, Maryse invites youto peek in on her as she showers her magnificent body. This video is onMuscleAngels.com