FemaleMuscleMovies Update March 20, 2015
FootLicker / Musclemommy sucks his testosterone/ Chest Workout Blowjob/ Sweaty Hardcore Wrestling

Musclemommy sucks his testosterone RUN TIME 19:09

Musclemommy is at it again playing perverted games with her son. Musclemommy has her son, Kevin spot her for a set of 185# incline presses. She has the idea that she needs some more testosterone to get even stronger so she sucks on her Kevin'cock. Each time she sucks she gets stronger....she does 50# dumbell curls easily and pumps up repeatedly as the takes his cock in her mouth between sets. She requests that Kevin stroke off for her while he watches her pump and flex. He obliges, stroking himself to a big cum mess as he watches and listens to musclemommy's encouragement. #muscular women #muscle worship # blowjobs #masturbation instruction #biceps #cougar #taboo #older woman/younger man #flexing #mommas boy

FootLicker RUN TIME 5:06

Muscular shapely legs and ass....hard cut calves...sexy feet; Jen is foot worshiped by a footlicker boy. Muscular sexy women with tired sweaty feet need their own private licking boy at their service.

Chest Workout Blowjob RUN TIME 9:12

Annie is in the gym pumping up her chest as she moves to the last exercise, incline press, she is looking up at you with a playful gaze as if to say, 'come into the locker room with me I have something for you'...indeed she does because as you were just watching her from above doing a set of chest presses, you are now watching while she is on her knees giving you a blowjob

Sweaty Hardcore Wrestling RUN TIME 9:20

outdoor match...great light and action! Annie and her guy are at it again; they love a good hard tussle on the mats and here they are going at each other hard. This hard and breathless match lasts for over 9 minutes straight with no breaks; constant scissorholds, grapevines, headlocks, etc. Annie grabs his cock through his shorts...taunts him with a few playful bites and face licks...he gets a little tit licking in and then the real and hard action continues....she gets him in an awesome headscissors/lower body lift. See the GIF...she has his legs suspended in mid air while she has his head locked between her thighs! The match needs to stop abruptly after 9:30 minutes because of an injury.....