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Jen and Megan kissing on the couch / Dominique's brown toy / Cheyenne and Reign Strength Comparisons / mother son wrestling


Jen and Megan kissing on the couch RUN TIME 8:25

Beautiful scene between two muscular lovers...kissing, and feeling each other as they lounge on the couch. > muscular women, kissing, muscle worship, lesbians

Dominique's brown toy RUN TIME 11:19
Muscular Domme 'Dominique Danger' has her way with a nubile young man....she taunts him verbally and physically switching between pleasure and pain. Body Scissors, Breast Smothers, Face Slapping, Muscle Worship and a lot of Bare Ass Spanking humiliation. She tells him he is worthless for having such a tiny body and demeans him all the way through

Cheyenne and Reign Strength Comparisons
Cheyenne and Reign are two fit women that are close to the same size....Cheyenne is skilled in Jiu Jitsu and is the younger one and Reign is skilled in Bodybuilding and is a fit muscular cougar. Two different body types challenging each other's strength! The girls first see who is stronger in Lift and Carry, then Arm Wrestling and then they are on to a Pushup challenge.

mother son wrestling RUN TIME 7:37
A little work out instruction turns into a nice hard wrestling match between muscular mommy Annie and her puny son, Kevin. She taunts him with some verbal teasing, telling him how weak he is and challenging him to take her down. She is teaching her son how to work out and wrestle....He is no match for his big strong mommy who submits him with scissorholds, hand to hand wrestling and standing takedowns. Mommy trying to teach her son to be strong just like her....